гр. Iоаннъ Бугаевъ (bougaev) wrote,
гр. Iоаннъ Бугаевъ

hello, world

Howdy, boyz and gals.
here I am, writing from da plywood express.
Hell yeah. I've completed the installation in genegal... of course I've got still much to do with all that Drochevnie Pizdyulini...
the worst thing, I';ve got here is my keyboard...
I've got no fucking idea, how to change the input language.
but it's a good marker. You see me writin' english, ok, now You can be sure I'm somewhere on the road. Or my wifie had chandged the locks of our flat. Ggggg.
it works.
it is steel looking awful, but gimme some more time, and I'll put everything together.

ooookay. now i'll take a pic of all that mess for You, to be sure, that nobody hacked my acc here, and in 30 minutes I'll be back with the proof from my home notebook. 'cause I also have got no idea, how to use preinstalled browser withh yandex.photos.

stay tuned.
stav'te loysi... pidpisuytes' na kanal... tut nalivayut vodku. :)
Tags: автобус, гараж, эмиграция
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